These are some resources that I find helpful and want to pass along.

  • The Dave Ramsey Show    Dave Ramsey is my favorite financial teacher to listen to on the radio, and now you can watch or listen 24/7!
  • Zander Insurance Term Life    This is the best site I’ve found to easily shop and compare dozens of insurance companies for affordable term life policies.
  • Loan*Calculator Plus    This is the free downloadable loan calculator that I use myself.  It has a lot of different options,  but I always use the plain “Loan” calculator option.
  • iDrive Online Backup    Sign up through this link and you can get a free account with 5 GB of storage.  Refer others and you can get more free storage!  I use this service myself and don’t pay a dime for online cloud backup of my important files!
  •    My “go-to” site to research reliable used cars.  Take it with a grain of salt — remember any car can have a problem.  Instead, look for major recurring trends.
  • Blender Mom    An amazing website for blended families!  I know the author, and she’s awesome.